Circulation Manager for the Daily Boar newspaper FIRED!

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned that circulation manager, Oliver Luck, has been asked to turn in his resignation. The Daily Boar a sometimes daily newspaper reports all the news that the residents of Sweet Swine County want to know! Distributed to all but one (Mrs. Swanson) of the 187 people who live in the county.It has became clear to the management (Cousin John) that Mr. Luck is unable to sway Mrs. Swanson into subscribing. She told The Scoop, "I'll subscribe to that rag when hell freezes over!" (She once received a bad review in it for her Cream of Mushroom Jello Delight hotdish recipe!) Cousin John owner of The Daily Boar told the scoop: "Mr Luck was hired to increase our circulation, if he can't talk Mrs. Swanson (my mother) into subscribing, we need to bring in someone new!!

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