Sweet Swine County Park

The park features farm equipment from all over Sweet Swine County as well as donated works of art including:

Bowling Ball Art

A unknown artist has donated two bowling ball metal sculptors to the park. The sculptors are made from recycled metal and with the bowling balls donated from Cow Pie Bowling Alley, this exhibit truly is a green project and sure to be a draw for tourists from all over Sweet Swine County.

Sweet Swine County Museum & Park Director said "We do not know who donated the sculptors but there has been tourists who have told us about other Bowling Ball People that have been seen in Amboy MN!

Groundskeeper Jack(Leafy)Webber when asked about the sculptors said "Well that's two more things to mow around!

The House of Corn

Sweet Swine County’s most popular tourist destination is in the town of High House at the Sweet Swine County Museum & Park. Boasting, at last count, the foot traffic of over 40 people in the last year! This outhouse is made completely out of corn, and was designed by Sweet Swine County’s own interior designer, Dougie Dougan. Though no longer in working order, it is still is visited by tourist from all over the county!

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