Officer Dave admits to video taping every move Mrs. Swanson (former CIA agent) makes!

Yes its true, Officer Dave when interviewed by Sweet Swine Scoop about his plans to run for sheriff of Sweet Swine Couunty, accidentally revealed he has been video taping every move Mrs. Swanson makes! Officer Dave told Sweet Swine Scoop “After talking to Nosey Norma at Edies Café I decided I should do a complete background check! This is what I learned:
Mrs. Swanson lives on her late husband’s farm and owns a successful catering business, Mrs. Swanson’s Sweets & Eats, specializing in hot dishes, pies and candies.
She has led a very colorful life including a spy for the Eisenhower administration in the 50’s.  She worked “undercover” infiltrating the Russian KGB and single handedly keeping the cold war, cold.  She had a child with one of the Russian agents, but gave him up for adoption in 1956.
She met Mr. Swanson, then a second Lieutenant in the Army and the eloped during his leave to Hawaii. Mr. Swanson died in 2000 from clogged arteries from years of eating delicious but fatty foods cooked in butter.  He loved every bite however and from his death bed made Mrs. Swanson promise to never give into the fanatics and start cooking with canola oil.
Mrs. Swanson was Aunt Ella’s best friend and confidant.  She is very protective of Aunt Ella’s past. 

She has a on and off boyfriend, Clem Johnson the feed store owner. Also she has a not so secret crush on Lonesome Ron, the traveling singing cowboy and Sean Connery who she says is the only 007 worth his salt.

Mrs. Swanson despises her neighbor, Betty Thompson.  She always thought the woman had designs on her husband.  Betty always showed up at gatherings un-invited and seemed to linger a little too long at the punch bowl with Mr. Swanson.

Mrs. Swanson is distrustful of media, newspapers and mail due to her years in the spy business.
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