KLUK TV's newest show "Tuesday Afternoon" becomes the Most-Watched Program in Sweet Swine County, on a Tuesday afternoon! On this episode we take a closer look at Lawyer Ed!


KLUK TV news magazine program "Tuesday Afternoon" hosted by Charles Cornralt received the highest ratings of any program aired on Tuesday afternoon, in Sweet Swine County. Cornralt told Sweet Swine Scoop "I am very excited about the success of our first show. I desided to have Lawyer Ed as our first story because he agreed not to sue us!" When asked about agreeing not to sue, Lawyer Ed told Sweet Swine Scoop “All press is good, I see know reason to sue, but I'm still looking!" Check out this exciting first episode! 

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  1. Love the show. Charles is perfect. And Lawyer ED, what needs to be said? Perfect!