Hit TV Show "Split Hoof Tonight" Now Being Filmed in Cousin John's Cabin!

Sweet Swine Scoop recently got a sneak peek at the new set of KLUK TV's highly rated late-night talk show, "Split Hoof Tonight."  The show is now being filmed in Cousin John's cabin on beautiful Swine Lake.  Earl Silo, Cousin John's co-host on the hit show, told Sweet Swine Scoop:  "I've been playin' cards in this cabin for years, now I can kill two birds with one stone--shoot the show and get in a game or two afterwards.  I don't even have to get outta my chair!"

Cousin John told Sweet Swine Scoop that his decision to make his cabin the backdrop for Split Hoof Tonight was a no-brainer.  "As you can see, I've got this place decorated to the hilt, and I also was sick and tired of drivin' the 8 miles to KLUK TV's headquarters.  It made perfect sense to me just to film here from now on.  It's also nice bein' close to my refrigerator."

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