Cousin John's monologue deemed inappropriate by the Sweet Swine County Legion of Decency

Cousin John, host of the highly rated late-night talk show, "Split Hoof Tonight," shocked his guest audience with a monologue that was deemed inappropriate by the Sweet Swine County Legion of Decency. The Legion of Decency was formed by a group of concerned citizens from Sweet Swine County to keep the airwaves "safe and clean" for county residents--emanating from a recent shocking scene on the reality soap opera, "As the Corn Grows." (Click here to view the As the Corn Grows scene in question).

The "Split Hoof Tonight" audience booed, hissed, and threw rotten tomatoes at Cousin John during the taping. His sidekick, Earl Silo, received minor stains to his plaid shirt and socks from the flying tomatoes! Cousin John told Sweet Swine Scoop "Listen, I'm not that concerned. After all, the tickets to view the tapings for all our shows are free. People line up around the
block and wait for hours to get them. We'll always have an audience, come hell or high water!"

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