Concerned Sweet Swine County Citizens Form "Legion of Decency"

A group of concerned citizens from Sweet Swine County have formed a committee called the "Legion of Decency," after having viewed a shocking scene on the reality soap opera, "As the Corn Grows." You may watch the shocking scene in question below.

The "Legion of Decency" committee's mission is to enforce "The Swine Code" that specifically limits the airing on TV or radio anything considered to be too grossly indecent for county residents. Earl Silo, the committee's Vice Treasurer, described The Swine Code this way: "Basically it's a set of rules and codes originally thought up by the founders of Sweet Swine County in the 1930s to keep this county 'clean' and on the up and up. We've recently brought the committee back to life to enforce the code because of the new developments we're witnessing on that soap opera 'As the Corn Grows.' Seems like things may be getting a little out of hand, so we're here to keep monitoring the situation on behalf of the wholesome residents of Sweet Swine County!" To learn more about this group CLICK HERE!

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