Sergio Ferleone Named New Program Director at KLUK TV!

KLUK TV owner, Cousin John, has signed Sergio Ferleone as the new Program Director at KLUK TV. Ferleone rose to fame as an infomercial producer/director in the 1980s and will bring that experience to bear in programming entertainments for KLUK. Sweet Swine Scoop has learned three new programs are in the works:
"The Housewives of Sweet Swine County" a remake of "So You Want to be a Farm Hand" and "Sweet Swine County's Got Talent."
Mr. Ferleone told Sweet Swine Scoop: "I'm tickled pink to bring these new shows to the tasteful Sweet Swine County audience!"

The inimitable Sergio Ferleone left Italy at age 18 and, in the style of a lower-class Columbus, sailed on a Merchant Marine vessel to America where he believed he would find fortune and fame. Ultimately making his way to the West Coast to pursue his love of show-biz, Sergio landed a gig working in Hollywood with Stephen Squealberg on the short film, “Car Wars.” He was hired as the Assistant to the Assistant Grip for that award-winning film, as proven by the one-tenth-of-a-second his name appeared in the credit roll. Shortly afterwards, Sergio somehow catapulted into a position as an infomercial director for the shady inventor and producer of the product show, “Got To Have It”—Harry Willetmaker.

Sergio directed a series of infomercials for Mr. Willetmaker until an investigation was launched by the Federal Trade Commission to investigate allegations of “fake and worthless product hawking on infomercials.” “Got To Have It” and Mr. Willetmaker were soon named by the FTC in a suit against product fraud. In the suit, Sergio Ferleone was listed as “a person of interest in the crime of selling worthless crap.” Although Sergio was in the midst of a tumultuous love affair with the lead actress of the “Got To Have It” infomercials—Urban Katie—he nonetheless fled back to Italy, all the while proclaiming his innocence. When Urban Katie moved from L.A. to Sweet Swine County, Sergio, to Katie’s chagrin, followed her from Italy. Sergio is trying to romance Katie once again since he has ensconced himself in Sweet Swine County, and into the lives of the all-believing residents there. Trusting in his directorial talent, Cousin John hired Sergio to be the new Creative Director at KLUK TV. The intrigue never ceases! Sergio now has been seen plotting with Daniel, Cousin John’s twin brother. Hang onto your seed-corn caps, we’re in for a bumpy ride as more events unfold in Sweet Swine County! 

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