Bobby Ray talks about the Old "Flat Land Express" 3-D Tour Bus being junked on the Cocklebur Morning Show!

All good things must come to an end. And so it is with the tour bus that has long carried people on the "Aunt Ella Farmsite 3-D Tour." A sad day is upon us!

Sweet Swine County's most popular tourist attraction is retiring its beloved tour bus. Nicknamed "The Flat Land Express" by locals, for years it served as the Flat Land High school bus. Ever since it was purchased new in 1951, the bus has been seen tooling down the gravel roads of Sweet Swine County. Half-way through 1987, the bus was purchased by the operators of the "Aunt Ella Farmsite 3-D Tour" to take 3-D Tour visitors down the road past Sweet Swine to Aunt Ella's farm. Many county residents are miffed that the bus is being junked. 3-D Tour bus driver Clem Johnson told Sweet Swine Scoop, "It's a sad day, I know. Although the bus still runs pretty good, the 3-D Tour operators and I are hoping to get another one that's more updated; say, from the later 1960s. We think the tour'll have a greater appeal for younger tour-goers then. People these days are used to having seat belts, windows that aren't broken out and stuff like that."

Ronnie P, Silage, who has taken the 3-D Tour 18 times, told Sweet Swine Scoop, "This is not good! That bus still purrs like a kitten. For godsakes, isn't anything sacred anymore? Couldn't they just get a brush and paint it?"

Earl Silo also commented, "This is upsetting. I was going to see if I could borrow the bus to take my girlfriend to High Horse this weekend. I guess that's out now."

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned no newer bus has yet been purchased. However, word on the gravel roads is that the 3-D Tour operators may just purchase a hay rack and older John Deere to pull it. They are thinking that might be more in tune with the ambiance of the tour. People like hayrides. For more info about how to take the Aunt Ella Farm 3-D Tour, flag down anyone outside the town of Swine Lake and ask them if they have seen Clem! He's the only driver qualified to take folks on the tour. To learn why a 3-D Tour was formed to honor late Aunt Ella, CLICK HERE!
Watch Bobby Ray talk about taking the "Aunt Ella 3-D Farmsite Tour" on the Cocklebur Morning Show here:

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