Earl Silo Makes A Surprise Appearance on "The Women of Sweet Swine County"

Yesterday, Earl Silo, co-host of KLUK TV's late-night show "Split Hoof Tonight," mistakenly wandered onto the set of The Women of Sweet Swine County while they were filming live. Earl explained his mistake to The Scoop this way, "As I told the ladies, mom said I had better get going or I would be late for the taping of Split Hoof. I was in such a dither while running out the door and putting on my favorite yellow sweatshirt that I didn't notice I'd actually gotten to the KLUK TV studios early. The Women of Sweet Swine County was still being filmed, and I accidentally walked right onto the live set. Shocked the heck outta the women. Sure, I felt a little foolish. It was almost like a Carol Burnett Show out-take. And we all know how much fun those are. So, it ended up OK." (The Scoop noticed lots of eyeball-rolling by the women when we rewatched the tape (attached here).) Afterwards, Prairie Ann commented about the incident, "What can ya say, that's our Earl! Giddy-up!"

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