Chef Randy & Waitress Nosey Norma Exposed As Undercover Reporters for The Daily Boar Newspaper

Sweet Swine Scoop has just discovered from a reliable source that Edie's Cafe cook, Chef Randy, and waitress, Nosey Norma, have long been working as undercover informants for The Daily Boar Newspaper. When interviewed by Sweet Swine Scoop, certain Edie's Cafe patrons said they'd been wondering why Nosey Norma had the tendency to linger just a little too long at each table while she was slinging the hash. For some, it was creating an "uncomfortable feeling." It is reported that Nosey Norma "overhears" diners' conversations, then runs right back to the kitchen and tells Chef Randy what she's heard. In turn, Chef Randy calls The Daily Boar's Hot-Reports Hotline with the info. It is yet to be determined if any cash was paid to the pair for their "work." When asked about the breaking story, Officer Dave was quoted as saying "So, Nosey Norma is spreading gossip, what a surprise!" Cousin John, owner of The Daily Boar, refused to be interviewed for this story feigning that he was "just too danged busy to talk." --source info for this story from Nosey Norma     

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