The Women of Sweet Swine County Co-Host Shocks Viewers by Saying, "Sweet Swine County Has No Class!"

Nicole Hilton--the outspoken co-host of KLUK TV's hit morning talk show, The Women of Sweet Swine County--recently shocked county residents by saying, "Sweet Swine County has no class!" Hilton (pictured here in the latest outfit she purchased outside Sweet Swine County) told Sweet Swine Scoop, "It's shameful that I have to travel outside Sweet Swine County to find trendy clothing for myself! I mean, really! To think that people in the county believe that Clem's Feed Store carries all the latest fashions, well, they should have their heads examined! I've gone in there many times, and what they classify as "high fashion" is a line of 'designer' bibs. And as for trendy gift merchandise, there was one thing on the shelf: a chia pet! Come on, people!"

Sweet Swine Scoop asked Clem Johnson--owner of Clem's Feed Store--his thoughts about Hilton's comments: "No class my ass! Miss Hilton might just be getting a little too big for her TV britches, in my estimation! I will have her know that every girl who attended the Flat Land High School prom wore one of my designer bibs! They love them! And as far as my line of chia pets, they are the Number One item brides request to be listed on their bridal registries! Miss Hilton might want to consider these facts before she makes snooty comments about Sweet Swine County's fashions!"

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