Rare Promotional Video Dicovered in Sweet Swine County Outhouse Library

A rare promotional video of Sweet Swine County's #1-hit reality soap opera, "As the Corn Grows," has been discovered in the Sweet Swine County Outhouse Library. Bruce Whitman, handyman and famed Outhouse Architect, was recently doing maintenance work on the popular destination and accidentally made the historic discovery. Whitman told Sweet Swine Scoop, "I was just doing my business when a loose board on the floor caught my eye. I removed the board and came upon what I'm told is a rare piece of television history."

When asked about the find, KLUK TV owner Cousin John told Sweet Swine Scoop, "I know everyone is excited about the find, but if they'd just think back for a minute, we aired this promotional video last month on TV. 'Rare' my ***!"

The Outhouse Library is quite popular with Sweet Swine County residents since it offers within sitting-reach three shelves packed full of books. Readers of all ages may read a novel, picture book or magazines. Though books can't be checked out, regular Outhouse Library visitor Earl Silo told Sweet Swine Scoop, "You really can't ask for a better readin' place. It's quiet, has a lock on the door, and there's no librarian giving you snide looks!"

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