Miffed Owner of "Clem's Feed Store" Refuses to Allow In-Store Sales of Popular Magazine!

Clem Johnson, owner of Sweet Swine County's successful "Clem's Feed Store," told Sweet Swine Scoop yesterday:  "I have made the decision to stop selling The Road to Our Story magazine in my store!  It just seems to me that the editor over there at Our Story's magazine offices NEVER runs stories about any towns in Sweet Swine County.  That's an outrage!  Although the mag has all kinds of stories about towns outside of Sweet Swine County, they need to start reporting about towns right here in the county.  Look for yourself, the latest issue of the magazine features 18 towns throughout Our Story country, but not a single one is in Sweet Swine County!  Why the heck should I keep selling such a mag in my store that blatantly overlooks us here!"

The editor of The Road to Our Story magazine responded by telling Sweet Swine Scoop, "Well, all of us in the magazine's offices like Clem, but we all know how he can be quite a curmudgeon.  Just so the public is properly informed, the mag always features one or two pages covering the latest stories in Sweet Swine County that have been posted on the Sweet Swine Scoop.   Just take a look in this current issue!

"Yes, Clem's Feed Store was the largest distributor of our magazine in Sweet Swine County and would usually sell about 9 issues every month.  But I think we'll be able to make a go of it without having an outlet in Clem's store.  Prairie Ann's 'Giddy-Up Boutique' will be picking up the slack, anyway.  Her store's going gangbusters, and people are always clamoring after the magazine there.  You might want to tell Clem he may just be shooting himself in the foot with this decision!"

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