Pig Alley Mystery Tour Plans to Go on The Road in Sweet Swine County

The biggest difference between Pig Alley Mystery Tour and their competitors is Pig Alley's attention to pigs. Pig Alley's goal has been to provide local communities the best pig action around! When Pig Alley Mystery Tours pulls into town, you know they've arrived! The pigs are herded down Main Street to elicit excitement for the imminent pig-circus-like entertainment all residents of the town may enjoy. Pig Alley Mystery Tour usually sets up in the local football field. By entering the Pig Alley, men, women and children will revel in Pig Alley's programming that includes The Running of the Pigs, a Pig-Calling Contest, as well as the Murdering-Pig Mystery Dinner! The Baby Pig Petting Zoo is a winner with kids. Children may also take part in a variety of piggy games while eating pork chops on a stick!

The town schedule for the Pig Alley Mystery Tour will be announced soon! Watch for it!

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