Swine Song Commune's Medievalist Bart Saxton talks about his plans to Form "Medieval Swineans"--A Reenactment Group on the Cocklebur Morning Show!

Bart Saxton, a medievalist from Rutland Township in Martin County, MN recently was a guest on "The Cocklebur Morning Show." Bart is dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe and now is making plans to form a group called Medieval Swineans!

Medievalist Bart told The Daily Boar, " I have been all over Sweet Swine County looking for a place to both live and hold our group events, when I ran into Lonesome Ron! Lonesome agreed to let me spend the summer months in his cabin's basement located at the Swine Song Commune. It's perfect when you stand on a box and peek out the window in that basement, you can see the beautiful rolling hills of the commune. I just know the commune will provide a great spot to hold our reenactment events." Swine Song Commune founder, Willow Brooks, told The Daily Boar, "We'd be tickled pig pink to welcome a new member to our commune. We don't care what century they come from!"

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