* Eager Citizen-Wannabees Arriving Daily to Take Up Residence at New "Swine Song Commune"

Sweet Swine County resident, Willow Brooks, is elated that bohemian artist-types from around the country are arriving daily to take up residence in her newly formed Swine Song Commune! Willow also heads up the Citizen-Wannabee Committee for the commune. She and a gaggle of commune artists help determine the suitability of wannabee citizens. Brooks said, "Pretty much we're open to anyone who wants to join our community, as long as they are free spirits and into doing their own thing and loving one another and hugging trees and growing herbs. So far, we've had some real winners join us here!"

Sweet Swine Scoop interviewed one of the winners who is:

Lonesome Ron, who recently purchased a cabin on Swine Lake but now has moved it to the Commune. He told Sweet Swine Scoop, "I see this as a great opportunity to work with other believers in the art of yodeling and who like to do it around a campfire!"

Although Sweet Swine County's Poet Lariat, Ronnie Silage, hasn't yet actually moved into Swine Song Commune, when we asked him about having a commune in the county, he told us, "Well, I think it's OK. My grandmother sold her house and moved into a commune -- oh, no, wait! -- that was a condominium. But she loves it. I'll probably love it there, too. If I do move in, my hope is to start up poetry readings where people can be real intelligent and read and write. It wouldn't hurt if they were good at rhyming words, either!"

Look for updates in the The Daily Boar Newspaper and here on the Sweet Swine Scoop about artists moving to Swine Song Commune!

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