Ronnie P. Discovers He Is Related To Ernest T.!

Sweet Swine County’s Poet Lariat, Ronnie P. Silage, recently discovered documents in a Swine Lake dumpster that traced the Silage family back to North Carolina! Ronnie reports he was surprised to learn he is a fifth cousin to Ernest T. Bass!

Readers will remember that Ernest T. Bass is an ignorant and obstreperous mountain man who often wreaks havoc on the quiet town of Mayberry, whose sheriff, Andy Taylor, along with his Deputy Barney Fife, diligently police. Hillbilly Bass, like his cousin Ronnie, often speaks in rhyme, although we must add that Bass’ wild, scruffy appearance is mostly at odds with his better-groomed Sweet Swine County cousin.

Ronnie told The Daily Boar, "This is the biggest thing to ever happen to me! I can't wait to tell Prairie Ann! I’m sure this will bump me up a level in her esteem for me!” Silage, Urban Katie's hired man, is well known throughout Sweet Swine County for having graduated from Purrdoo University (PU) where he studied poetry and a few other things. Recently, he was seen promoting his book, Poems I Wrote by Ronnie P. Silage, on “The Cocklebur Morning Show”—Sweet Swine County’s #1 morning talk show.

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