The Other "Great One"--Cousin John--Believes He Channels Spirit of Ralph Kramden

Cousin John, Sweet Swine's most famous citizen, who is often referred to as "the new Great One," admitted to Sweet Swine Scoop that he is channeling Ralph Kramden, a former bus driver for the Gotham Bus Company. Kramden, you may remember, was very short-tempered, and frequently resorted to insults and hollow threats. Well-hidden beneath those many layers of bluster, however, was a softhearted man who loved his wife and was devoted to his best pal.

John Robert Olson (Cousin John), Sweet Swine County's most successful businessman (and eligible bachelor, ladies!), is Chief Editor/Owner of the well-liked online magazine, Sweet Swine Scoop, as well as the sole owner of The Daily Boar Newspaper, KLUK Television and Radio Station, Sweet Swine's central bank, It Will Be Gone Savings & Loan, along with over 2000 acres of farmland and, of course, the cornerstone of his portfolio, the Pluck 'n' Cluck chicken business.

Our thanks to The Daily Boar Newspaper for researching this story.

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