KLUK TV Ads "The Women of Sweet Swine County" to Fall Line-Up

KLUK TV has announced they will premiere a new show, The Women of Sweet Swine County, in its fall line-up. The show will be hosted by three fabulous women from Sweet Swine County. Prairie Ann, best known as the "Outside Sweet Swine" reporter on The Cocklebur Morning Show, will be joined by two new citizens in Sweet Swine County as the hostesses of the show. Details about the other women have not yet been released; however, Sweet Swine Scoop has discovered photos of the three from a recent fashion show held at Prairie Ann’s "Giddy-Up Boutique" clothing store. In the photos, the women are seen modeling new Sweet Swine tee-shirts. (click here to see t-shirt photos)

When asked about her co-hosts, Prairie Ann said, "We are still in negotiations about which of us will receive the headline star-billing slot. We are not releasing the hosts specific names to the public until that has been decided by the higher-ups at KLUK TV. I am presuming that since I brought this project to KLUK TV, I will be the undoubtedly be the lead star, or else!" The Women of Sweet Swine has joined "The Cocklebur Morning Show" and the hilarious soap opera, "As The Corn Grows," on KLUK TV's line-up. It looks like it will be an exciting season for all Sweet Swine County TV viewers.


  1. LOVING this blog!! Looking forward to seeing all of the shows!

  2. That's hot!