Awful Fight at The Annual Aunt Ella Memorial Picnic

All of Sweet Swine County gathered recently at the Aunt Ella Memorial Picnic, where an awful fight nearly destroyed the day's festivities. Urban Katie, in her quest to host a Sweet Swine Days special event with the help of Prairie Ann, Mrs. Swanson and her hired man, Ronny Silage, was nonplussed when she told Sweet Swine Scoop, "Emotions, tempers and the dreadful heat blasted away at what I hoped would be a wonderful picnic honoring my dearly-departed Aunt Ella!" Since she's dead, Sweet Swine County residents have decided to honor late Aunt Ella with her own memorial picnic. However, at this year's fete, hosted by Urban Katie, problems brewed because County Agent and Farm Safety Expert, Elmer Plow, cited Cousin John (the biggest entrepreneur in Sweet Swine) with safety violations on his chicken ranch to the tune of $50,000. John took issue with Elmer rather directly and, well, the photos Sweet Swine Scoop attached here speak for themselves!

Ronnie Silage told Sweet Swine Scoop, "After a wonderful picnic smorgasbord that included Southern Minnesota Fried Chicken, coleslaw and Jello, Elmer and John just had to get into it. Aunt Ella is undoubtedly mortified in her grave! As Aunt Ella's hired man, I, Ronnie P. Silage, could only lift my camera in sad amazement. I'm sure my visuals will only be fodder for Lawyer Ed as he prosecutes this assault case. As Poet Lariat of Sweet Swine County, here I must write: "I thought this display of hubris showed a deep lack of senses."

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