The Towns of Sweet Swine County

Sweet Swine County has become a popular destination point for visitors from all over the world! Below you can learn about the towns located in our county!

With a population of 163 Sweet Swine County continues to grow mostly because of the hippies moving into the commune!

Located on the northwest edge of Sweet Swine County, Split Hoof is home to famous Purrdoo University, located just three miles north of the town. Split Hoof is perhaps best known as the home of "The House of Corn" that draws over 40 tourists each year! Split Hoof businesses include the ancillary offices of KLUK TV and Prairie Ann’s Giddy-Up Boutique. There's usually so much going on around town that people are dizzy with activities. Certainly, it's a great place to live!

Located in the center of Sweet Swine County, Swine Lake was the home of Aunt Ella, Sweet Swine County's most famous citizen. When in town be sure to take in Aunt Ella’s 3-D Farm Tour! Swine Lake businesses include Mrs. Swanson’s Sweet & Eats and The Daily Boar Newspaper.

Serving as suburb of New Pork, Corn Row is the home of the "Sounds From The Barnyard Museum." Kids and adults flock to there in droves! This one-of-a-kind museum offers recordings and live renderings of farm animal sounds dating from the present back to the 1940s. Corn Row is also the home of Sweet Swine County's only high school--“Flat Land High”--and sometimes-winning horseshoe team, “Flat Land Prairie Dogs.”

Nestled along the bluffs on the west side of the county, Cow Pie Ridge is the home of the "Corn Cob Hall of Fame." Over 38,952 corn cobs are on display there. Many have been fashioned out of wood and other objects, then painted by Sweet Swine County jail inmates to look like corn cobs. The inmates receive compensation for their work and use their earnings to purchase more corn cobs so they can keep painting them to make more money--a well-thought-out process by the warden. The Corn Cob Hall of Fame is the happy beneficiary of this rehabilitative work!

Located on the eastern border of Sweet Swine County, Hamhock Hollow is the smallest town in the county. All nine citizens work for the Cluck 'n' Pluck business there, on the night shift. During daytime hours, citizens kindly requests travelers and visitors to use County Bypass Road #13 to skirt the town so they can get some sleep.

Located in the center of Sweet Swine County, High Horse serves as the County Seat and is home to Sweet Swine's Souvenir Shop. The shop opens whenever Mrs. Swanson happens to be in town. High Horse is the base of entrepreneur and Sweet Swine County’s most successful businessman, Cousin John.

Located on the southern side of Sweet Swine County, New Pork is the largest town in the county. With a population of 121, New Pork holds the famous Annual Running of the Pigs Weekend, and is the home of the infamous interior designer, Dougie Dougan. New Pork businesses includes the famous Edie’s Café.

The community of Horse Fly was reticent to be included in this roster because they believe they are always mentioned last, behind descriptions of the larger Sweet Swine County towns. We're listing them last anyway because Horse Fly has a population of only eight. They deserve a mention, though.

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  1. Is it true that there is a new book by a Sweet Swine County author being published called "50 Grades of Hay"?