Sweet Swine County’s Institute of Hire Learnin' Adds Additional Classroom Trailer on Campus

Sweet Swine County’s Institute of Hire Learnin', Purrdoo University, has added an additional classroom trailer on campus to accommodate the ever-growing need for space by the load of students wantin' to learn somethin'. Now there will be three classroom trailers accommodating nine students in each. Two Purrdoo University-trained professors regularly hold classes one day a week to prepare students of Sweet Swine County for the best jobs around. PU is proud to welcome visiting Professor, Ronnie P. Silage, as an adjunct instructor of poetry. Other alumni and sometime visiting teachers include Safety Expert, Elmer Plow; "Cookin' It Up With Betty" host, oenologist and food specialist beyond the beyond, Betty Thompson; Entrepreneur and Sweet Swine County’s most successful businessman, Cousin John; and local attorney, Lawyer Ed. Phew! Students, consider yourselves lucky to be the recipients of all this local educational talent!

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