Sweet Swine County Farm Safety Expert Elmer Plow Innocent of Starting Fire at Late Aunt Ella's Farmhouse

Sweet Swine County's Farm Safety Expert, Elmer Plow, arraigned in last year's burning of late Aunt Ella's farmhouse, has recently been found innocent by a partial majority of a jury of most of his peers in a case named, The Trial of the Century! The defendant's Lawyer Ed said, "This was clearly a big win for me! I certainly proved my mettle in that court! Elmer is really happy with how I handled things!" The jury was quick to say that in no way were they bribed by anyone in order to arrive at the conclusion that Elmer wasn't the culprit in this case. One jury member told Sweet Swine Scoop, "Those expensive safety kits Elmer's mom quietly distributed to us at the back-door of the courthouse in no way influenced our decision, although it was really nice to get a present like that! The real facts of the case came out in court. Plain and simple, Elmer didn't do it." After the verdict was read, Elmer's family took advantage of the opportunity to have a family picture taken. Usually they have a hard time getting together all in one place, so they thought this was a good time to do it.

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