The Daily Boar a sometimes daily newspaper reports all the news that the residents of Sweet Swine County want to know! Distributed to all but one (Mrs. Swanson) of the 163 people who live in the county of Sweet Swine. (Mrs. Swanson once received a bad review in it for her Cream of Mushroom Jello Delight hot-dish recipe!) 


Owner John Robert Olson (Cousin John) Sweet Swine County's most successful businessman & eligible bachelor was quoted: 'Below you will find HEADLINES from my newspaper and yes some stories/videos provided from my television station KLUK TV. If you want to see all the articles featured you can BUY  "The Daily Boar" at Clem's Feed Store (Home of the Tommy Cornfinger Bib Coveralls) in the Sweet Swine County town of New Pork. You didn't think I would put all the stories on here for free did you?"


To learn more about the county of Sweet Swine visit Destination Small Town 



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