Sweet Swine County's "Legion of Decency Board" Holds an Emergency Meeting


A number of notable, decent, well-fed and successful Sweet Swine County citizens who make up the county's Legion of Decency Board called an emergency meeting yesterday at Edie's Cafe. The board's mission is to enforce "The Swine Code" that specifically limits the airing on TV or radio anything considered to be too grossly indecent for county residents. Earl Silo, the board's Vice Treasurer, described The Swine Code this way: "Basically it's a set of rules and codes written by the founders of Sweet Swine County in the 1930s to keep this county "clean" and on the up and up. Those codes have never been broken yet, but when they are, certain people are sure it'll be Betty Thomspon who does it!" It has come to The Scoop's attention that an unnamed county resident (but whom we name in this article because we believe in getting the truth out there!) has recently complained to the board about KLUK's airing programs starring the increasingly infamous Betty Thompson.

It seems that Miss Thompson's conduct on and off the set of KLUK TV's "Cooking It Up With Betty" program has come into question. Recently, the Legion of Decency Board's acting president, Nosy Norma (our unnamed source), was eavesdropping on the conversations of certain KLUK crew members while they dined on beef commercials in Edie's Cafe. Nosy Norma was quoted as saying, "The stories I overheard about Betty undoubtedly prove that she broke many of The Swine Code's codes!"
As this story unfolds further, you'll hear all about it here!

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  1. LEGION OF DECENCY ???? Who are these people ???

    Those pictured have broken more laws than we can list here.. public fighting .. under the table deals and secrets. Many have had out of wed- lock children ..

    and poor Betty????.. so she likes a little nip from time to time and flirts with those around the punch bowl... so what? It really hurts no one!!

    She still manages to pull it together enough to win numerous awards and publish award winning cook books..

    She has never been arrested .. nor put on trial... ??? If there were any real evidence of wrong doing, you can be sure that Mrs. Swanson with her connections would have done something by now!!!

    really ... this is a witch hunt and who is behind it ???