Events and Tourist Attractions in Sweet Swine

Aunt Ella’s Farm, a 3-D TourJoin us on our school bus tour as we drive by the farm of Sweet Swine’s most famous citizen, Aunt Ella, located outside the Town of Swine Lake. The Tour includes a slow, three-mile drive down the road that leads to Aunt Ell’s farm –and 3-D glasses are included!

Corn Cob Hall of Fame
In the town of Cow Pie Ridge you now can visit your favorite Corn Cob Celebrities. You can be photographed with Corn Cob Elvis (who will never leave the building, we promise!), Corn Cob Nixon and Corn Cob Liberace, as well as Sweet Swine County’s own Aunt Ella and Cousin John and many more. Open to the public daily from 1pm to 2pm.

Annual Running of the Pig Weekend In this annual event citizens for throughout Sweet Swine County take part in a weekend that includes the crowning of Miss New Pork, the annual reunion of the 60’s group “The Pork Chops” and of course the Running of the Pigs. Held in the town of New Pork this event boasts not one injury in their 16 year run, by man nor swine!

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