Will the Lefse Ladies get their own TV show?

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned from a reliable source (Nosey Norma)  four housewives (seen in the video above) known as the Lefse Ladies have been in negotiations with Cousin John owner of KLUK TV. The ladies all from the northern township of SkogenBeck in Sweet Swine County are well known for their lefse! It is not known what a show staring the very Minnesotan ladies would entail, but it has been learned the working title is The Real Housewives of Sweet Swine County. KLUK TV owner Cousin John told the scoop: "I heard the Lefse ladies singing at the Swine Swine County picnic last summer and approached them about the possibility of developing a show for them! Well they sent me some lefse every day for the next seven months! I love lefse, so they got my attention! I have to get back to work, so if you want to learn what we have planned, watch the next episode of The Women of Sweet Swine County, they will be on it, now stop bothering me!" Sweet Swine Scoop will keep you informed as breaking news is released!

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  1. Just so ya know, those Potato Ladies are from SkogenBeck Township, and they are REAL Housewives, dontcha know!