Another Leftover becomes a reporter for KLUK TV's Cooking it up with Betty

Lola Leftover, curator of the Sweet Swine County Museum in the town of Horse Fly announced today she will become the third reporter, second Leftover to join the Cooking it up with Betty/Whats Cooking team. Lola's brother Lenny Leftover who has long been a reporter for Cooking it up with Betty show told Sweet Swine Scoop: " My sister just couldn't stand me being the only Leftover on TV." When asked about how she would be able to be the curator of the Sweet Swine County museum and a reporter for KLUK TV Lola told the scoop: "I am no average Leftover, I have mastered the art of multitasking!" KLUK TV owner Cousin John told the scoop: "Well after Lola appeared on The Women of Sweet Swine County show to talk about the museum, she called for a job! Even though the show has not aired yet she felt the public wanted to see more of her! So I have reluctantly hired her!" Cooking it up with Betty host Betty Thompson told the scoop: "Great just what I need another Leftover!" 

Leftover is a proud family name, long associated with the founders of Sweet Swine County! In 1972 the family opened a 8 track repair business on main street in Horse Fly!

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