Student questioned in gun issue at Flat Land High School

The Daily Boar shared with the Scoop that a student from “Flat Land High” has been sent packing! Officer Gabriel told the Daily Boar "I was making my rounds through the parking lot of the school when I noted that one pickup did not have a gun in it, not even a gun rack! I became concerned and asked Miss Tiptin to gather all seven of the high school students in the lunch room!  There I learned that a exchange student from Swine Song Commune located on the north side of Sweet Swine County had been attending Flat Land High, all week! The unnamed student (Nosey Norms nephew) admitted he not only doesn't have a hunting gun in his Volkswagen Beetle pickup, but that he doesn't even hunt!  I shared with the tie dye t-shirts wearing exchange student, we have standards here Mr and maybe he should just go back to the commune!" 

“Flat Land High” is home to the sometimes-winning horseshoe team, “Flat Land Prairie Dogs.” Located one mile outside the town of Corn Row, it was built in 1907 when citizens from all over the county donated bricks from their abandoned well houses. The school holds classes every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare students to meet the challenges of life in Sweet Swine County. Many graduates go on to college at Purrdoo University, Sweet Swine County's Institute For Hire Learnin'. 

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