There’s a New Plow in Town

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned a rumor has been circulating through Sweet Swine County that Elmer Plow is making plans to open a business in the town of Horse Fly called “Plowing Through Life / Clinic”.

Elmer who recently completed a three week course at Purdoo University called “You can be a Life Coach” told Sweet Swine Scoop “I realized my safe style of living has not served me very well and that I needed to toughen up. Now life is good, I live on the edge and take no guff from anyone, there’s a new Plow in town! My transformation led me to think if I can do it, others can to. So yes its true I'm thinking of opening a clinic to help citizens of Sweet Swine County to toughen up, if I open a clinic and I mean if, I well be seeing Sweet Swine citizens in my office, as well as making emergency house calls! Yes I will let you know if I decide to open, when I’m good and ready!”   

BREAKING NEWS: Sweet Swine Scoop has been informed by a reliable source (Nosey Norma) Elmer has already received funding for his clinic from Cousin John as hush money for something Elmer has uncovered about Cousin John. Sweet Swine Scoop believes this to be true because Elmer has been handing out business cards all over the county!
                                Sweet Swine Scoop will keep you posted as this story develops!

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