Lawyer Ed's Secret Video Tapes!

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned Lawyer Ed has been secretly video taping conversations with many citizens from Sweet Swine County! The Scoop received an email from a anonymous source that said: "Looking for a good story, go to the parking lot behind your office! There you will see Lawyer Ed's 73 Ford Pinto, n the back seat you will find a paper bag marked "Lawyer Ed's Secret Video Tapes"

Sweet Swine Scoop contacted Officer Dave who  (after obtaining a search warrant)quickly gained access to the 73 classic! Yes we were shocked to find the Piggy-Wiggly bag had over 18 VCR tapes of private conversations with some of Sweet Swine Counties most prominent citizens!

When asked to comment Lawyer Ed told Sweet Swine Scoop “My car lock doesn’t work anymore, that’s why I wrote SECRET on the bag!" 

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