Elmer Plow Moves his Chair to the Lobby of KLUK TV Studios

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned Elmer Plow KLUK's security officer has moved his chair out of his office located in the underground storm cellar next to KLUK TV Studios to the lobby of KLUK TV Studios! When asked about the move Plow told SSS "I am responsible not only for the safety of Cousin John but all of the employees of KLUK TV. Placing my chair in the lobby allows me to see who's coming in! I am keeping a log and in the last seven days two people have entered the building, both without appointments! Mrs Swanson, who said she was there to deliver a pie to Cousin John, I told her to leave it with me and I would see to it he got it and Ronnie P Silage stopped to see if Mrs Swanson had left a pie for Cousin John! So moving my chair into the lobby has already paid off!"

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