Part-Time Sales Clerk Causes "Lady GaGa Frenzy" at Local Store!

Sweet Swine County residents have been asking themselves, "Is it true? Did I see Lady GaGa at the Giddy-Up Boutique?"

This latest scuttlebutt was dashed when Giddy-Up Boutique co-owner, Praire Ann, admitted on the hit show The Women of Sweet Swine County that it was all a big mistake! People are too quick to gossip here in Sweet Swine County!"

Prairie Ann continued, "Our part-time sales clerk was trying on some clothes, and when she came out of the dressing room, I just said, 'Well, Lady GaGa, look at YOU!' As it turns out, Nosey Norma the Waitress from Edie's Cafe happened to be in the shop and overheard me. It didn't take but a New York minute before the entire county thought international recording sensation, Lady GaGa, was in town! Don't blame ME for the mix-up!"

However, Sweet Swine citizen, Ronnie P. Silage, was too slow on the uptake, and had already dashed into town to have his picture taken with what he thought was the famous star. Silage told The Daily Boar, "I got right into town to have my picture taken with her! Now I find out it was all a scam--she wasn't REALLY Lady GaGa! And here I had an expensive life-sized poster made up of the two of us from the picture I'd taken with her! I think the Giddy-Up owners should pay for this!"

Prairie Ann concluded, "The moral of story: Nosey Norma isn't named that for nothin'!"

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