Two Legion of Decency "Bored" Members Asked to Resign

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned that an emergency meeting of the prestigious Sweet Swine County "Legion of Decency" was held recently at Edie's Cafe. Two board members--Cousin John and Prairie Ann--were told to tender their resignations.

Acting President Ronnie P. Silage told Sweet Swine Scoop, "There is no doubt of Cousin John's guilt! I was shocked when I viewed the inappropriate joke he told during his monologue on "Split Hoof Tonight" recently. Although it was cut so that TV viewers throughout Sweet Swine County wouldn't be offended, the studio audience at the taping was in shock! Many of them had to cover their ears! (Click here to view the questionable monologue.)

As for Prairie Ann, the scene of her cat fight on the reality soap opera "As the Corn Grow" sends a wrong message to the youth of our fair county. I am in the process of watching that particular episode again and again to make a proper determination about her guilt. In the meantime, I have requested her resignation from the Legion of Decency. (Click here to view the questionable soap opera scene.)

The photos below are of the attendees at the emergency meeting of the Legion of Decency. They were taken just before Cousin John and Prairie Ann stormed out!                                               

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