Newsflash! Hidden Cameras Discovered Recording Images of Sweet Swine Citizens Without Their Knowledge!

Sweet Swine Scoop has learned KLUK TV--owned by Cousin John--has secretly placed surveillance cameras throughout the county. 

A small hole was noticed in the wall at Edie's Cafe, and when Norma the Waitress investigated it, she found a small camera belonging to KLUK TV hidden in the wall. Norma told Sweet Swine Scoop she personally believes Cousin John has been recording "what's going on and who is doing it" for nefarious purposes.

Upon further investigation at locations throughout the county, other such cameras belonging to KLUK TV have been discovered.

Cousin John has yet to respond to this story. Stay tuned for the latest poop from Sweet Swine Scoop! In the meantime, some of the photos taken by these hidden cameras are viewable below!

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