Latest Survey Proves Fashion Trends Seen on KLUK TV Programs Are a Hit!

Sweet Swine County's foremost statistical media research agency--The Mealson Ratings Board--has released a report stating that KLUK TV program hosts rank "off the charts" for their trend-setting fashion sense. The Mealson Ratings Board recently surveyed residents throughout Sweet Swine County about the fashion styles worn by hosts on the popular KLUK programs "Split Hoof Tonight," "The Women of Sweet Swine County," and "The Cockelbur Morning Show." County residents ranked Earl Silo's plaid shirts and seed-corn caps, Cousin John's classic suspenders, and Prairie Ann's "giddy-up-prairie-styled"
couture as being "The Hottest Fashion Trends in Today's Sweet Swine County World." Indeed, residents throughout the county are now seen "copy-catting" these same fashions in their own day-to-day attire, making Sweet Swine County on the whole the most fashion-savvy county around! Sweet Swine Scoop joins in giving kudos to KLUK TV's Wardrobe Department for their inventive designs!

Click on the photos above to see many of these award-winning fashion styles worn by your favorite KLUK TV program hosts!

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