Are Wedding Bells Soon Ringing for Cousin John & Aunt Minnie?

Cousin John, well known as Sweet Swine County's most enterprising entrepreneur and eligible bachelor, told Sweet Swine Scoop, "Aunt Minnie is the girl for me!" Sweet Swine Scoop enlisted Edie's Cafe waitress Nosey Norma for the real scoop about the woman who has grabbed Cousin John's heart:
As the story goes, Aunt Minnie’s mother, Sophia, married Aunt Ella’s widowed father, Axel, when he was 65 and Sophia was only 35. Minnie was Sophia’s little daughter from a previous marriage, but Axel loved her as though she were his own. He spoiled her terribly—to the point she never even had to do chores! Aunt Minnie’s life went all topsy-turvy when her mother suddenly dumped Axel for a Fuller Brush salesman. She has always hated her mother for leaving Axel. When Axel died—still dejected—at age 95, he was penniless from having spent too $much$ on spoiling Minnie. Aunt Minnie inherited the farmstead, but there was little money to live on, so she finally had to get a job. Being such a great talker and a colorful personality, her step-nephew Cousin John hired her to be a call-in talk-show hostess at KLUK TV.
It’s quite obvious that Aunt Minnie is in love with Cousin John, and longs for the day when he’ll truly admit his feelings for her, too. She jealously clings to Cousin John, and at present, is working with him to get back her lost inheritance from Aunt Ella’s estate.

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