Local Bank Plans Relocation to the Town of High Horse!

Although quite a shock to most Sweet Swine County residents, It Will Be Gone Savings & Loan CEO John Robert Olson (Cousin John) announced that his bank would be relocating to the town of High Horse. The bank has long been a landmark on Main Street in the fair village of Split Hoof. Moving the bank will mean that Split Hoof residents will have to drive 8 miles to High Horse. A local resident told the Daily Boar, "With the price of gas the way it is, I'm not so happy that I'll have to drive all the way to High Horse just to cash a check!" Bank CEO Cousin John said, "We have to go where the action is. High Horse has 112 citizens compared to Split Hoof's 32. You do the math!"

"It Will Be Gone Savings & Loan" gained huge notoriety when it was robbed by The Winking Bandit last spring. The Winking Bandit was caught on the bank's security camera, and is now available to be seen on video!

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