Sweet Swine County Residents Wonder: Is There a Future for "Mrs. Swanson's Sweets & Eats Catering" Business?

The Daily Boar has learned from a reliable source (Nosey Norma the Waitress) that Mrs. Swanson's Sweets & Eats Catering may be about to go under. Mrs. Swanson was enticed by Ronnie P. Silage to invest every single dollar she had into developing his business brainchild: "HOTDISH ON A STICK"! As reported earlier, the half-baked idea went south, and now word has it that Mrs. Swanson is nearly penniless! When asked about the rumor, Mrs. Swanson scoffed, "You can't keep a good hotdish down!" We hope she's right!

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  1. This is a sad news to hear. I didn't think they'll go under. They are one of my favorite caterers.


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