Earl Silo Admits, "I've Never Traveled Outside of Sweet Swine County!"

For a man with so much savvy-fare, it’s surprising to know that Earl Silo has actually never traveled outside Sweet Swine County. But his other-worldly Ed McMahon-esque quality as Cousin John’s talk-show sidekick resonated with viewers so much that Cousin John thought, “$Ka-ching, Ka-ching$!” and immediately ordered KLUK’s staff to develop a spin-off show for Earl. The new program was named, “Earl Steps Out.” And boy, does he (or at least he’d like to!)!

Earl Silo is a modest man who lives in a 20’ x 20’ cabin on Swine Lake. His very square, humble lakeside residence is a virtual travel guide to the outside world since every square, square-inch of its log walls are covered with travel brochures. Initially, Earl just hoped to keep out the nasty winter winds, but over time he started reading his insulation, and thinking deep thoughts about traveling to the places he was looking at. It didn’t take long for those thoughts to become actual plans—plans of stepping out into the world beyond Sweet Swine County . . . maybe . . . sometime. But that’s another story, much of which can be watched on “Earl Steps Out.”

Recently, the Sweet Swine Scoop has reported that Earl Silo has been seen in the company of well-liked and ever-respected reporter, Clarice Plow. (Cousin John has eyes and ears everywhere!) Recently, when Clarice was asked by a The Daily Boar reporter if something was under-hoof, she responded simply, “Ja, well, there sure is only ONE Earl!” Oh, that Clarice! Always so succinctly cryptic!

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