KLUK TV Premieres New Reality Soap Opera, "As The Corn Grows"

KLUK TV's new reality soap opera, "As The Corn Grows," has hit the airwaves! KLUK TV, in conjunction with distributing partner OUR STORY Productions, has taken the lead in presenting what real-life people live like in Sweet Swine County!

In real time, As The Corn Grows cameras follow big-city girl, Urban Katie, around Sweet Swine County since her arrival there to take over running her newly inherited, dead Aunt Ella's farm. Many other Sweet Swine County residents like farm safety expert Elmer Plow, Poet Lariat Ronnie P. Silage, Giddy-Up Boutique owner Prairie Ann, hotdish specialist Mrs. Swanson, county entrepreneur Cousin John, good cook Betty Thompson, and a gaggle of other citizens, put in their two-cents'-worth as the cameras roll. There's plenty to watch!

Cousin John KLUK TV owner told Sweet Swine Scoop, "To the best of our knowledge, As The Corn Grows will be the first reality soap opera about rural life that focuses on all the residents in Sweet Swine County. The show reflects the honest-to-god truth about what's happening inside the county, where things have been getting more and more complicated of late. As you know, KLUK TV has always been on the forefront of the latest trends in television, so we've jumped on the reality-show band wagon well knowing that it's the kind of programming contemporary TV watchers most want to see. I guarantee you that As The Corn Grows will overtake all those other competing reality shows lickety-split. I've seen some of the footage already, and I kid you not, this show is a winner!"

Sweet Swine Scoop is eager to receive viewer comments when the show airs.

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