State-of-the-Art Beauty Salon opens at KLUK TV Studios

Harriet's Pretty, Cut & Dry Salon has relocated to KLUK TV Studios next to The Women of Sweet Swine County set. KLUK TV owner JR Olson told Sweet Swine Scoop" I was tired of hearing the hosts of The Women of Sweet Swine County complaining they had no one to do hair and makeup! So I asked my cousin Harriet to move her shop into our studio!" Olson's third cousin Harriet Olson is well known throughout Sweet Swine County for her state-of-the Art salon that was located in the town of Horse Fly! Miss Olson told Sweet Swine Scoop " I am excited about my move, I will be making the entire salon available for the hosts and guests of The Women of Sweet Swine County for fifteen munites before ever show!"

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