Willow Brooks Forms the Artsy-Fartsy "Swine Song Commune"

Willow Brooks recently came across a ten-acre parcel of land one mile north of Swine Lake where she plans to form a commune. Willow told The Daily Boar Newspaper, "I have always dreamed about a place were musicians, artists and cool people could live together and share their passions--for the arts. Swine Song Commune is the answer to my dream! Artists have already started to arrive. All artists are welcome to join us at the commune where we can sing and dance and be cool together! It's all very exciting!"

Willow presented her idea to start this commune to the attendees (pictured above) at Sweet Swine's annual Aunt Ella Memorial Picnic. The picnic-goers were somewhat shocked at the idea at first, but are determined to be neighborly as long as those in the commune "don't go off the deep end or do weird things."

Willow Brooks first arrived in Sweet Swine County with the One-Ring Circus Troupe. Willow grew up in the circus with her illustrious parents--mother (the Bearded Lady) and father (the Elephant Pooper-Scooper). After a unfortunate poop-scooping incident, Willow left the circus for the green pastures of Sweet Swine. But she has never stopped loving tents and outrageous clothes. As for elephants, well that's a different matter.

When asked about having a commune in Sweet Swine County, Ronnie Silage (local college man, farm-hand and Poet Lariat) said, "Well, I think it's OK. My grandmother sold her house and moved into a commune -- oh, no, wait! -- that was a condominium. But she loved it! Anyway, I wouldn't mind doing poetry readings at this new commune, if they'll have me."

Local Citizen Comments on Swine Song Commune

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