Cousin John featured guest on The Cocklebur Morning Show

On this week’s show Bobby Ray & Sally Sue interview their boss, John Robert Olson about his new online magazine, Sweet Swine Scoop. Cousin John who parlayed his father’s fortune to include KLUK Television & Radio Station, It Will Be Gone Savings & Loan, The Daily Boar Newspaper, Sweet Swine Scoop Magazine, Horse Fly Inn, over 2000 acres of farmland and of course the cornerstone of his portfolio, the Pluck-a-Cluck chicken business.He had 4 older sisters, Arlene, Bertha, Evelyn and Judith all of whom have never married and live in the same house in town and run a consignment shop on Main Street.Rupert expected a lot out of his son after losing his farm to poor judgment and an ill-tempered herd of camels. Rupert went on to build a large, successful, chicken business and acquired a large amount of farmland in the process. However he was never able to persuade his little sister, Ella to sell his first farm back to him. Rupert made John promise him on his death bed that he would get the farm back in the family or die trying.Cousin John has a hand in every major goings on in the county. He is the most eligible bachelor in town, but up until recently he didn’t have time for romance. After the will was read, John called up Aunt Minnie (Aunt Ella’s much younger, much prettier step sister) in a effort to use her to contest his Aunt Ella’s will.(She was left out completely)John falls for Aunt Minnie charms although he won’t admit it publicly.Cousin John can’t stand camels (because of a traumatic experience from his past), clowns (because of an unfortunate run in he and his father Rupert had with a car full of circus clowns when he was only 7 years old) or spiders (because, well just because their ugly, disgusting and they bite you for absolutely no good reason).Cousin John is not a slave to fashion, most comfortable in his jeans and suspenders. He can clean up well for the board room or an evening out. He is a hard worker and good with money, but loses focus when it comes to getting the family farm back.Cousin John loves his enormous antique tractor collection, old episodes of Gunsmoke and coconut cream pie.

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