5-City Sweet Swine County Tour Announced after Belly-Dancing Troupe, "The Navel Academy" after performing at Swine Song Commune

The Navel Academy, Sweet Swine County's infamous belly-dancing troupe, has announced its imminent departure on a 5-city tour throughout Sweet Swine County. After performing at Swine Song Commune this Belly-Dancing Troup are slated to perform in the towns of Spit Hoof, Swine Lake, Cow Pie Ridge, Corn Row and High Horse. This exotic group of colorful jigglements is sure to wow the citizens of Sweet Swine! The Navel Academy calls Fairmont, Minnesota in Martin County (next county over from Sweet Swine) their main base of operations, where they have been performing together for over four years.
Story provided by The Daily Boar Newspaper

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