Lawyer Ed Currently on Five-City Promotional Tour in Sweet Swine County for His Duckumentary!

Lawyer Ed, currently on a five-city tour throughout Sweet Swine County promoting his Duckumentary, made a guest appearance on The Cocklebur Morning Show. Lawyer Ed's new Duckumentary entitled, “One Duck, One Ventriloquist” explores his life as a lawyer, a philanthropist and, of course, as a ventriloquist. Lawyer Ed successfully defended Elmer Plow in Sweet Swine County's recent Trial of the Century. In remarking on that memorable case, he said, "In no way did the safety kits gifted to court officials by Elmer Plow's mom make a difference in the outcome, though--no matter what the prosecution thought! Safety kits can never be considered bribes. They are for life-saving!" When asked about his new duckumentary slated to air on KLUK TV this month, Lawyer Ed said, "Originally I did a series of audio CDs to instruct people on how to become a ventriloquist, but there were some complaints. Apparently my public wanted to learn more about my technique! So I expanded on this in my duckumentary!" The highlight of his appearance on The Cocklebur Morning Show was when viewers were treated to a clip from his award-winning duckumentary.

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