Bowling Ball Sculptures and Other Arty Stuff Donated to Aunt Ella Memorial Park

Sweet Swine County Museum & Park announced that a famous unknown artist, for a nominal fee, has donated two metal bowling-ball sculptures and some other arty stuff to be exhibited in Aunt Ella Memorial Park. The sculptures are made from recycled metal pig fences adorned with artfully painted bowling balls. Sweet Swine Scoop noticed some of the bowling balls had "Cow Pie Bowling Alley" stamped on them. The exhibit lives up to the green-project recycling guidelines established by SSC Museum & Park and fits in nicely with the ambiance of the park. The exhibit is sure to be a draw for tourists from all over Sweet Swine County.

Sweet Swine County Museum & Park Director, Lucy Bowlingdowne, was instrumental in arranging for this almost-free exhibit. Although she cryptically told Sweet Swine Scoop, "We do not know what famous unknown artist donated the sculptures for a nominal fee, but tourists have been overheard saying they've seen other such bowling ball sculptures in Amboy, Minnesota, where my cousin lives."

Museum & Park groundskeeper, Jack (Leafy) Webber, commented to us, "Well, that's just more crap to mow around! People seem to forget about that!"

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