Prairie Ann and Giddy-Up Boutique Ladies Model New Designer Tee-Shirts on The Cocklebur Morning Show.

Prairie Ann and her Giddy-Up Boutique models recently showed off the latest trends in designer tee-shirts on The Cocklebur Morning Show.

Prairie Ann, a field correspondent for The Cocklebur Morning Show, has opened the new high-brow clothing store, The Giddy-Up Boutique. The Giddy-Up specializes in featuring the latest trends in clothing that include designer tee-shirts. Prairie Ann told us, "Everyone knows tee-shirts are a wardrobe basic. My store will enable Sweet Swine County citizens to achieve that big-city look with tee-shirts that can be worn for work, or a night out on the town." The new shop, located in downtown Split Hoof, is sure to attract shoppers in droves from all over Sweet Swine County. When asked about this new business, Sweet Swine County's farm safety expert, Elmer Plow, said, "Well, I guess something needs to be downtown, and it seems like a pretty safe business. I've never heard of anyone dying from a falling tee-shirt!" Prairie is happy to tell all Sweet Swineans that if they are unable to get away from chores long enough to visit the Giddy-Up Boutique, her tee-shirts are also available for sale online at www.ourstorymn.com. We remind readers that Sweet Swine Scoop is also viewable on that website!

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