John Robert Olson (Cousin John) Named Sweet Swine's Citizen of the Year!

Cousin John, who parlayed his father’s fortune to include KLUK Television & Radio Station, It Will Be Gone Savings & Loan, The Daily Boar Newspaper, Sweet Swine Scoop Magazine, Horse Fly Inn, over 2000 acres of farmland, and the Pluck-'n-Cluck chicken business has been named Sweet Swine's Citizen of the Year.

Following the announcement, when interviewed by Sweet Swine Scoop, Cousin John said, "Well, I have to tell ya that this is a big honor, although I wasn't overly surprised to hear I'd won. At breakfast at Edie's Cafe the other day, I overheard waitress Nosey Norma sayin' that I was slated to be the recipient. She'd picked up the skinny after an evening of "pillow talk" with one of the Citizen of the Year board trustees!"

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